Andy qualified as a dentist from Bristol in 1980 with a hangover and a large overdraft.  For some reason, in 1982 he travelled across the Atlantic to visit the Pankey Institute to learn about occlusion.  He returned with a burning desire to practice relationship-based dentistry.  LD Pankey had taught him that it is ‘better to have a life in dentistry than merely make a living out of it’.

He returned to the Institute in 1983 and started his own practice in 1984, a purpose built surgery in Loughborough providing NHS care to his community.  Further visits were made to Pankey during the 1990s and, in 1994, Andy and his business partner Nilesh Shah converted the practice to private contract, creating a ‘flagship’ comprehensive care facility.

Andy became the first UK GDP to gain a Master’s degree in Clinical Education in 1999.  In the following decade he was part of a research team at the Faculty of Health and Sports Science at Loughborough University, publishing papers on the link between occlusion and oral muscle function.  This also led to the development of the revolutionary CQR denture system.

In 2008, Andy broke his arm and had 9 weeks off practice.  Suddenly he had time to devote to the many other sides of his dental life – teaching & mentoring and research.  He took this experience as an opportunity to develop a new chapter in his dental life and sold his share to Nilesh.  In the next few years Andy created The Dental Business Academy, an online school providing qualifications for dental team members.  He also published research on the modern consent process, linking it the ethical selling of comprehensive care.

Andy is now an Associate dentist providing Invisalign treatment at 5 practices in the East Midlands.  He is a Clinical Speaker for Align Technology and provides mentoring services to a number of Invisalign practices in the UK and Ireland.

After 35 years in dentistry, he continues to promote the delivery of comprehensive, relationship based practice in all aspects of his dental life.

A Life in Dentistry – The Pankey Philosophy in Practice
1. The keystones of the Pankey Philosophy

2. How to apply them in the modern world of dentistry