Dr. Elaine Halley

Dr. Elaine Halley

Dr. Elaine Halley graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1992 and achieved her membership of the Royal College of General Dental Practitioners in 1995. She is a past president of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is accredited by the academy.

She has a Masters of Science degree in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry with distinction from the University of Manchester. She is a member of the master group of DSD dentists accredited by Christian Coachman and is an official DSD instructor. She is also an Opinion Leader for Ivoclar Vivadent and lectures throughout the UK, Europe and the States. She is a judge for the Scottish Dental Awards and serves on the Editorial board for Private Dentistry and Aesthetic Dentistry. She has authored numerous articles on clinical dentistry and the business of dentistry.

Elaine has private practices in Perth and Edinburgh. Cherrybank Dental Spa have won numerous awards including Outstanding Customer Service in the Chamber of Commerce Awards, Best Marketing in the Private Dental Awards, Best Employer and Outstanding Individual for Elaine in the Scottish Dental Awards. Both practices have been awarded the Good Practice Standard from the British Dental Association and Investors in People Awards.

Do you Speak DSD?

As dentists working in the aesthetic zone, we are taught that we have to be both scientists and artists. The quest for the ‘perfect but natural smile’ is demanded of us by both our patients and our profession, and we have the tools and the data to be able to strive towards this. Digital Smile Design has been developed by Christian Coachman and his team under the mantra of Emotional Dentistry. Elaine is an official DSD Master and Instructor and she will share how she has integrated the DSD philosophy into every day working life.

It all starts with the diagnostic appointment. We need to understand our patients, and be able to communicate the possibilities effectively to set appropriate expectations and to have them say ‘yes’ to treatment. Involving our dental technicians early in the diagnostic process for restorative cases takes this process to another level. The protocol can also be integrated with orthodontic and digital implant planning treatment options. With today’s digital tools, case acceptance and treatment planning can be significantly enhanced, and predictable aesthetic results can be achieved whether you have an in-house technician or are sending your cases out. Planning for minimal invasion but with maximum predictability.

Dr Halley will share with you her understanding of how we can take this enhanced treatment planning and use it to better understand our patients and enhance the partnerships we form when working towards enhanced aesthetics. Combining this understanding with the latest digital diagnostic technology aids treatment planning and ultimately the delivery of consistent results. From digital photography, and video analysis through patient communication to a custom wax-up and smile design…

Objectives :

  • Understanding the step-by-step digital process to consistently treatment plan comprehensively starting from a facial perspective
  • Tools for patient communication and presentation to aid case acceptance – including the workflow for dentist/treatment co-coordinators
  • Utilization of digital tools for enhanced laboratory communication, patient communication and how to deliver predictable clinical results