Dr. Nancy Ward

Dr. Nancy Ward, DDS, MAGD has been in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1981, and has been providing orthodontic care to her patients since 1985. She is a lecturer for Invisalign, and has been a member of the Visiting Faculty for The Pankey Institute since 1993.

5 to 85 – The Latest Trends and Technology in Orthodontics for Patients of Every Age

Today’s clinical advances allow for optimal treatment planning for both your younger and adult orthodontic patients. This presentation will expose you to diagnostic and assessment techniques supporting your ability to make case appropriate treatment choices for your patients. Conventional and accelerated therapies will be explored to include Social 6, PAOO, Propel, AcceleDent, and Aevo. You will learn how these treatments can provide a good prognosis and outcome for those patients with occlusal challenges, myofunctional disorders, airway compromise issues, and aesthetic concerns.