Tanya Dotson

Tanya Dotson is a global business consultant specializing in organizational, business and leadership capability.

As a Tribal Leadership Business Development Consultant and Time Management Specialist, her client focus includes workplace motivation, performance, and organizational leadership.

Tanya earned a Bachelor of Psychology from Princeton University with a specialty in Human Affairs in 1982, and a Master of Public Service as a Fellow in Community Development from New York University in 1987, and worked as a medical counselor and research coordinator for the Downstate Medical Center/Kings County Hospital in Brooklyn, New York, conducting an inaugural study of the risk of HIV infection amount heterosexual minority women. Her study and the resulting abstract was admitted to the 3rd International AIDS conference in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work has also been published in the New England Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Her current company, 180 Degree Time Management LLC, combines her commitment to professionals having more time with her passion for organizational development and optimizing leadership. She has worked with many diverse organizations from Amnesty International to House of Colour Ltd and West-Sjaellands Dental Clinic.

Tanya has most recently been showcased as a guest speaker for the Irish Biz Party Conference in Belfast, Ireland on October 14th, 2015. She is fluent in Danish, has a working knowledge of Spanish and divides her time between her practice locations in New York and Copenhagen.

Why Tribal Leadership? Because Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!

This presentation is designed as an overview of Tribal Leadership – how it works and what it can bring to your office, including:

  • Strengthening staff competencies and cooperation between dental hygienists, technicians and patients.
  • Improving general efficiency and effectiveness in dental clinics.
  • Developing staff and management capabilities to manage and embrace change
  • Greatly improving morale where it is lacking
  • Equipping the leader/owner/dentist with additional means to ensure new staff and partners are a good fit
  • Maintaining a sense of cohesiveness through a time of major change